Marseille 49er Worlds

November 1, 2013 in News

November 1, 2013

Marseille Worlds


1272227_10152231675979972_220859626_o©PierickJeannoutot-55 What can we say about the 49er Worlds in Marseille then? Finishing the week in 44th overall was a very disappointing way to end the year considering the progress shown throughout the rest of the season. Comparing the fleet at the two major events on the calendar, the Worlds and the Europeans, shows that there were only a few additions to the fleet. The difference however, between our two finishing positions of 19th at the Europeans and 44th at the Worlds is tough to take. ISAF put a more positive spin on things with the release of their Sailing World rankings (based on each sailors last 6 competitions), placing us in 30th in the World. After only one year in the boat together to reach 30th overall is certainly very pleasing and helped refocus the mind after our Worlds performance. Back to Marseille and how the week unfolded. Unfortunately for us the first three days were particularly demanding. Very light winds from the SSE coupled with the support boats kicking up some confused waves, resulted in conditions we had never previously sailed in, never mind raced in. By the time we got to grips with what the boat required in these tricky conditions it was too late. We had missed out on the top 40 cut and hence the opportunity for promotion into the semi-final top 22 stage. From Day 4 onwards the breeze steadily increased in both strength and instability resulting in some exciting downwind legs. The most memorable of which involved our spinnaker pole almost spearing an Italian off the back of his PORT tack boat! Even with plenty of prior warning that we had right of way they decided that their best option was to ignore. Now I know they speak a different language but screaming is universal all over the World (and used frequently in Italy might I add!) To cut a messy story short we should have speared him, as the other option lead us down the pitchpole route! Peeved doesn’t quite cut it! I am writing this from the wet and stormy Weymouth where winter training has commenced. As always plenty of breeze forecast in the foreseeable future. Ah Weymouth winter, we have missed you!